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Uwe Schey (TabExpo 2011 - a great success)
Es ist wirklich schade, dass ich nicht selber dabei sein konnte - ich freue mich schon jetzt auf die Hannover Messe und hoffe, dass ich dann wieder Teil des Messe-Teams sein kann.
Detlef Riedel (Danke, Steve!)
Ja, es ist richtig: Wir müssen zwischen den "Erfindern" und dem "Innovatoren" zu unterscheiden. Steve hat tatsächlich weder den PC, noch die Computermaus und auch nicht die grafische Benutzerober...
Xavo (Danke, Steve!)
@i2mo: richtig, Steve war auf seine Mitarbeiter angewiesen. Das ist ja in jedem Unternehmen so. Und obwohl er den Ruf eines Cholerikers und eines eher unangenehmen Chefs hatte, verstand er es wohl ...
i2mo (Danke, Steve!)
- "Steve hat den ersten PC gebaut," Das stimmt nicht, das war XEROX. - "er hat die Computermau...
MeGooseSta (Danke, Steve!)
Hallo Detlef, Steve Jobs war ein Visionär, er verstand es sehr gut Produkte so zu designen dass sie vielen MEnschen Gefallen und von vielen Benutzbar sind. Mitnichten war er jedoch der Erfinder...


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Xavo Lab Collaboration

Workflow and Data Management for Life Science Research and Development.

Simply Connect People

Xavo Lab Collaboration aims to relieve scientists from tons of troublesome work and allow them to concentrate on their core competencies. This can be achieved by managing interdependencies within the project team, enable seamless communication and making data and results accessible and usable.

Who should use Xavo Lab Collaboration?

Lab Scientists who struggle to manage a large number of complex research projects with many participants benefit from Xavo Lab Collaboration. Please have a look on our ReFocus on Science™ strategy to get more information about why Xavo Lab Collaboration and Xavo Lab Logistics were created.

Connect People - internal & external

Not all facilities using Xavo Lab Collaboration have to own the system. We don’t have forgotten people who don’t have the software installed (so called “externals”). They can take part on the collaboration network utilizing simple Web- and E-Mail-Interfaces.

Collaborative Real-time Network

Xavo Lab Collaboration incorporates a brand-new workflow management engine especially designed to support scientists in their daily work. It allows every user to define and publish services they want to provide for others. On the other hand everyone can use such published services within own workflows. This provider/consumer principle divides complex and distributed research projects into smaller and better manageable pieces.

Everything in One Place

In addition to requests and notifications, all other relevant data can be integrated in Xavo Lab Collaboration activities. This can be simple file attachments (e.g. experiment result documents, photos) up to fully integrated logistic information from Xavo Lab Logistics.

Product Features

  • Synchronization of laboratory processes, activities and data for distributed teams of any size
  • Connect all project members through an innovative real-time collaboration concept
  • Easy to use workflow and activities editor
  • Real-time monitoring of all activities in a research project
  • Powerful search engine
  • Moderate hardware requirements

How to get…

Xavo Lab Collaboration is an “almost ready to use” product. It has to be integrated and customized for the specific needs of your environment.

Please contact our Lab Collaboration team for more information