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Uwe Schey (TabExpo 2011 - a great success)
Es ist wirklich schade, dass ich nicht selber dabei sein konnte - ich freue mich schon jetzt auf die Hannover Messe und hoffe, dass ich dann wieder Teil des Messe-Teams sein kann.
Detlef Riedel (Danke, Steve!)
Ja, es ist richtig: Wir müssen zwischen den "Erfindern" und dem "Innovatoren" zu unterscheiden. Steve hat tatsächlich weder den PC, noch die Computermaus und auch nicht die grafische Benutzerober...
Xavo (Danke, Steve!)
@i2mo: richtig, Steve war auf seine Mitarbeiter angewiesen. Das ist ja in jedem Unternehmen so. Und obwohl er den Ruf eines Cholerikers und eines eher unangenehmen Chefs hatte, verstand er es wohl ...
i2mo (Danke, Steve!)
- "Steve hat den ersten PC gebaut," Das stimmt nicht, das war XEROX. - "er hat die Computermau...
MeGooseSta (Danke, Steve!)
Hallo Detlef, Steve Jobs war ein Visionär, er verstand es sehr gut Produkte so zu designen dass sie vielen MEnschen Gefallen und von vielen Benutzbar sind. Mitnichten war er jedoch der Erfinder...


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Xavo Lab Logistics

Plate, Storage and Compound Management for Life Science Research and Development.

Research Information Backbone

The first released Xavo Product takes care about where your plates and compounds are. It is designed to store and manage all logistics data created in Lead Finding Laboratories and Compound Management facilities. The system keeps any logistical information of your research project right at your fingertips.

Using Xavo Lab Logistics, scientists can concentrate on their core competencies again: performing pure research.

Who should use Xavo Lab Logistics?

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Labs and Life Science sectors which have a demand for transparency in their inventory management and plate logistics. Please have a look on our ReFocus on Science™ strategy to get more information about why Xavo Lab Logistics and Xavo Lab Collaboration were created.

The Ease of Overview

Save resources with Xavo Lab Logistics! Thanks to easy and fast navigation capabilities you get to know exactly what you want to. For example you can use Lab Logistics to help you avoiding mass replacements. It becomes a matter of seconds to identify exactly the plates or compounds to be replaced (e.g. when expiration date is exceeded).

Tracking & Tracing

Using Lab Logistics you do not only know where your stuff is - you also know where it was. The system keeps track of every action performed with any object. This enables users to retrace the complete history of a plate or compound with a few mouse clicks.

SiLA Compliance

Lab Logistics easily integrates with your existing lab equipment utilizing the SiLA (Standardization in Lab Automation) interfaces. For more information about the lab automation standard, visit the SiLA Consortiums webpage.

Enhance Existing Environments (E³)

Xavo products aim to seamlessly integrate into existing environments. So you can keep your systems and seamlessly integrate them into the new solution. In most cases the software can be installed on existing systems. Data integration is done using various technical interfaces offered by our Platform (e.g. Webservices, Database Interfaces, SiLA Support). If that is not enough, Xavo’s long lasting experience in data integration is used to create a simple and robust solution for you.

Product Features

  • Inventory Management of compound and plate storages
  • Genealogy and Tracking & Tracing
  • Easy & Fast navigation through storage contents
  • Runlist Concept
  • Synchronization with assay data (e.g. automatic re-run definition)
  • Integrated Search Engine
  • SiLA compliant equipment interfaces
  • Strong Integration capabilities (e.g. Web Services, Excel, Legacy Systems)
  • Moderate hardware requirements

How to get…

Xavi Lab Logistics is an “almost ready to use” product. It has to be integrated and customized for the specific needs of your environment.

Please contact our Lab Logistics team for more information